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Plastic's Potential to Shape the Future

Hiroshi Kodama,
Shinko Plastics Co., Ltd.

Networks Are the Key to Growth

As a specialized plastics distributor, we sell a diverse range of plastic materials, including acrylics and polycarbonates. The company has a long history dating back to 1950 and has accumulated industry-leading results and expertise. Recently we have expanded our sales offices beyond Japan to other Asian countries including China and South Korea. We intend to continue focusing on global growth, without limiting our field of operations. We have more than 3,000 plastics processing companies on our customer list in Japan alone, and our extensive customer and supplier networks are among our greatest strengths. However, with the Tokyo Olympics approaching, as a company dealing in plastic materials we were concerned about our weak connections with contractors involved in interior design, such as architects and designers. This prompted us to develop our original furniture brand, called TRANSPARENCY, to access new demand in architectural spaces.

Hiroshi Kodama(Shinko Plastics Co., Ltd.)

Showcasing the Merits of Plastics through Furniture

Shinko Plastics originally began as a distributor of acrylic materials. With the idea of showcasing the merits of these materials from scratch, we turned our attention to furniture, which is a product familiar to all, and established the TRANSPARENCY brand in 2017. The brand concept is furniture that melds into everyday life without causing any inconvenience whatsoever. A key feature of acrylic is its great strength, as demonstrated by aquarium tanks made of acrylic resin. We have utilized this characteristic to create transparent furniture that can be used indoors or outside, which has been praised both within the industry and beyond.

Known as "the queen of plastics," acrylic is more transparent than glass and beautifully glossy, yet it is also easy to process, can be shaped into various forms and colored in diverse hues, and retains an attractive finish. It is a material that harbors tremendous potential. TRANSPARENCY is already used in spaces such as shops and offices, and we hope to further expand the scope of its use.

Hiroshi Kodama(Shinko Plastics Co., Ltd.)

Building the Future of the Industry with Our Employees

A construction boom is anticipated as we head towards the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 and then integrated resort (casino) developments. We want to ride this wave and expand demand for our products while further showcasing the potential of plastic. Various plastic materials such as acrylics and polycarbonates have been improved to meet the needs of a changing world. Plastics have become an essential part of modern life. However, their merits are not sufficiently well-known. We host a monthly workshop in our TRANSPARENCY showroom to raise awareness of acrylics and other plastic materials among designers and architects. It is vital that all our staff have high levels of specialized knowledge and take pride in their work. For me, staff are a great asset. To protect that asset, I have instilled an open corporate climate and created an environment where people can always take on new challenges. I believe that creating a work-friendly environment where people feel at home will ultimately lead to growth in the plastics industry.